1. Cheap electret clip-on mics. This is where we got ours.
  2. An extension cable to get some distance from the PC. We started off with a cheap one. Eventually, we actually ended up making our own, but this still wasn’t terribly expensive, and is worth consideration to reduce noise.
  3. A capture program or device. We use fraps and a hauppauge HDPVR. We started off with a much cheaper SD device which you can still get good results. Read on for tips.
  4. A good audio editor. We use Audacity. You do need a separate program, your video editor is probably not going to cut it for frame accurate alignment and will likely not have a compressor and noise gate.
  5. A good video editor. We use KDEnlive. Seriously, use this program, yes, you’ll need Linux, but KDEnlive is stable, free, reliable and versatile. I cannot recommend this program enough. There is a definite possibility of a Windows version as it has become an official part of KDE now.

We don’t believe that LP’ing should be, or needs to be, an expensive prospect.

Technique and choosing appropriate equipment will make you sound great without spending a great deal. Take our audio. Many people have commented on the good quality of our audio. We use very, very cheap electret clip-on microphones.

The reason is that you don’t want something on a stand sitting on your computer desk picking up the vibrations from your PC, you want something omnidirectional that will only pick up loud and close sounds – that way you can relax and game without having to lean in or pay attention to mic position. We play in a large-ish room (echo reduction) with the mics very close to our mouths. Because there are two of us on one cable they’re even quieter, so we actually attach them to our spectacles!

Since we record two people, a splitter for the microphone too. Any is good, but we ended up getting a gold-plated one since the last one corroded over time.

The rest of the sound is all technique, the noise gating and compression make a clean, crisp, and extremely clear voice recording.

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