Silent Hill 4: The Room – Let’s Play parts 22 to 28!

We’ve had a bit of a break between Let’s Play vidoes, one of the main reasons for this is both myself and Peter caught the flu, and had it for about 2 weeks in total running between one of us getting better, and then the other catching up, so we didn’t really want to record ourselves with ill voices, since the only thing from us in these LP’s is our voices!

We’re now well, and recorded more. There’s also a whole new episode of Sam & Max to come soon, so look our for that too. Videos of SH4 under the cut!

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The Last of Us – A disk pressing review

I didn’t play the Last of Us when it came out, but I did buy it when it came out and only now have I finally gotten around to playing it. Unfortunately, there won’t be a review of the game because, I, like many others it seems, have had trouble running the game.

Let’s cut to the chase, no this is not your PS3 – it plays other games juuuust fine, no this isn’t every copy of the game; lots of people report no problems at all. Saying that – some people claimed the HD collection ran fine for them, but that was not even remotely true. Anyway though, the disk is thin, flimsy, and the game’s video does not stream from it properly. Also because of most company’s policies on games, it is non-returnable unless you have not opened the game. However. It is remarkably difficult to tell whether or not a pressing is good or not based on the box.

Essentially I have a very expensive ($64) Frisbee. I can get it to play more sometimes by cleaning it in some ways and making other bits dirty, but these things just make it more obvious that the disk is at fault.

PS4 Games so far

Out of the three PS4 games that I have so far bought (the rest have been free or not really for the PS4) I have to say that my favourite is actually inFAMOUS: Second Son. Which was unexpected. I was actually expecting it to be Ground Zeroes or Watch_Dogs. Buuuut; Ground Zeroes has the problem of being a stealth game where you’re timed in missions and you’re expected to repeatedly do the missions.

I have realised over time that when I want to play a stealth game it’s because I want to take my time and take out a bunch of people and sneak to the target. Like in Dishonoured or MGS4. Instead I’m basically running everywhere in the hopes that people don’t see me after playing the game slowly and carefully to memorise enemy patterns, which isn’t how stealth games should work in my opinion. Also the subject matter is kinda vile. Yeah, listen to this tape which is supposed to be a young boy forced to rape a barely legal woman; that’ll be an enjoyable experience (hint: please stop). I really hope the full game is less like Ground Zeroes and more like MGS3 and MGS4.

Then there’s Watch_Dogs. Watch_Dogs is like if you took Assassin’s Creed, Grand Theft Auto, Ghost in the Shell, and Deus Ex and mixed them all together, but with everything you found fun surgically altered to be hard to control and barely present. Playing Watch_dogs is not even remotely as enjoyable as it looks. You feel very restricted, the character moves wrong, the vehicles control wrong. You very certainly don’t feel like a cool hacker, you feel like you have bought a magical phone from a cool hacker. It combines several obnoxious elements about modern gaming and 4chan culture, from the billboards you hack (and by hack I mean you press square) to say hilarious phrases like “Never gonna give you up” and “Over 9000!” to the other-people-can-invade-your-game crap (which thankfully can and has been turned off – although doing so loses all multiplayer progress because … oh who knows) to the throat-cancer barely alive main character. It isn’t bad per se, it just isn’t very good, but it does have a massive detailed world and tons to do. I just wish it was enjoyable to do them.

If I had to summarise I would say that Watch_Dogs is definitely more entertaining than not playing Watch_Dogs.

inFAMOUS on the other hand I was expecting to dislike, for a couple of reasons that I was anticipating before starting the game and a couple new ones I wasn’t expecting. I loved the first game, and didn’t like the second game (note: Second Son is the third game) for a variety of reasons mostly involving a backbending effort to appeal to youth and the horrible things they did to the cool powers from the first game. After hearing that the main character was Troy Baker pretty much playing himself with a side-serving of Laura Bailey pretty much playing herself I was ready for the genericising of the involvement of those two generally foretells. If you haven’t heard them by name, you may recognise them as Snow and Serah, or Silent Hill HD’s James and Angela. Basically, you’ve heard them before, and you will instantly recognise their voices. Troy provides the anticipated “Aw Hell yeahs”, “Haters!”, and “Awesome!”.

However, the game is incredibly enjoyable with only a few irritations, for example, despite the fact that you’re dressed in the obligatory five layers of untidy that are the hallmark of today’s young hipster everyone still manages to think you’re trying to put them in prison for some reason. And the plot has several holes and cartoonishly evil stuff occasionally happens. The controls have also been inexplicably changed for the worse (hover is the same button as jump?!). But who cares? It is incredibly enjoyable, the powers are fun (despite being weird stuff; smoke, neon, video, concrete?), the city looks absolutely amazing, and navigating around the place is such fun, and so are all the little gameplay elements. It really is the opposite of Watch_Dogs where everything you do feels chore-ish with the slight saving grace that it looks a bit cool, whereas inFAMOUS everything is fun.

Game Anyone?

In the last week or so, we’ve decided to try out a new website we came across called Game Anyone?

It’s a website specifically dedicated to Let’s Playing, with video uploading/sharing videos already uploaded elsewhere, forums and lots of other interesting stuff.

I particularly like the view it gives you when you watch a video, where it shows you on the right side what game is being played, its box art, platform and other data etc. And then the playlist underneath for navigation. It has a good layout.

While obviously not as popular as the huge place that is YouTube I think it has some really good ideas, so we’ll be giving it a go from now on, and seeing where the website goes. I also appreciate a proper understanding of Fair Use, which Google isn’t fantastic at managing for everyday people, and does have a bad habit of prioritising other businesses.

Here’s us!

Other Interesting Videos

Peter of Peter Reviews and CorrosiveTruths recently made some very interesting videos to go alongside our usual LP’s for our YouTube channel, which I wanted to share here.

The first is a really cool trailer for our Silent Hill 3 Let’s Play.

The video starts off the same as our previous trailer, reiterating our reasons for doing the LP (the HD collection), our problems with the HD collection etc. And then it shows off a bit, how we’ve made the LP possible, compared to the original game.

The videos that we post on YouTube are the polished final version involving lots of post production. The game does not look like that when we play it. We’re playing the PC versions of these games as they offer the most ease of use in what exactly we want to produce. We apply widescreen patches and various other changes to make these games run in 16:9 HD, but without…overly weird stretched looking models, weird stretched menu’s and maps and what not (as widescreen patches don’t fix those). And wonderful sound.

One of the things I also want to mention is the sound editing, while YouTube is obviously very visual in format, a lot of sound editing goes into our LP’s as well, which is the thing I’m mainly in charge of. We clear up all the un-necessary side talk, clear out all or most of the weird breaths, mouth noises, clicks, background noises etc. One of the other things that’s important to do it make sure the volumes are always right, that the game isn’t too loud, or too quite, and that neither are our voices.

The most fantastic thing, I think, about this, is doing that is very simple. I sound edit with a program called Audacity, which has this wonderful feature called “Auto Duck” which you apply to the game sound, (rather than mine and Peter’s separately recorded vocal track) and it turns the volume down of the game track by a percentage (but it’s still hear-able) when there is sound in the other track – us speaking. This makes the whole thing really watch-able, if you’ve ever struggled to listen to what someone is saying over the sound of the game, this is what they should be doing!

Now that I’ve written a fair amount, you can look out for the other video I’m going to talk about in another post!