Minecraft server on a PS3 in Linux

Yes, you can.

It’s actually reasonably stable too. So far we’ve had four people on it at once doing a variety of things and the only significant slow-down from the server was when I accidentally set a large portion of the world on fire. It complains a bit about not being able to keep up, but the actual experience is fine. This is even without using the graphics memory as swap since that is corrupted on my PS3 (which is why I never upgraded it to a version that disallows Linux), just using the normal memory and a fastish flash drive.

PS3 Hacked! Sort of …

Oh look, Sony has released firmware update 3.60 which again makes the PS3 secure, even after nonsensical rumours that the security was broken permanently. It also still makes the games industry look far less concerned about piracy than they feign to be. If they cared as much as they claim, the Playstation 3 would be the only console that had game releases.

Thank goodness that isn’t the case.

Can I have Linux back now?

More [Digital Foundry].

Rock Band 3, Surround Sound, and Dolby Digital

Rather disappointed with the laziness of reviews of Rock Band 3 which utterly fail to mention the not so great surround support. When I tried to get surround working with the game I did the usual thing, since my PS3 is set up to use surround sound anyway, I simply started the game. As suspected it was clearly not in stereo, although the mix was a little disappointing, with very simple crowd separation only. In other words, the crowd was behind me and everything else came from the front. Continue reading Rock Band 3, Surround Sound, and Dolby Digital

Much needed Playstation 3 Firmware Update

The feature I’ve seen most requested and talked about is the inclusion of cross-game chat. I’m not interested, but obviously, my habits are not representative, but then, neither are the people who have headsets and keyboards attached to their consoles in general. So it seems that cross-game chat to most people would be using the text facilities available with the control pad.  In other words, messaging so slow, you might as well just send it to each other using the email-like messaging service already available on the PS3 anyway. Continue reading Much needed Playstation 3 Firmware Update