Resident Evil 7

So is Resident Evil 7 not going to be what was promised early on when the teaser came out? A completely different style of game. I remember playing it and being promised that the demo does not represent the final game and that the final game would be a more traditional Resident Evil experience, with the sad knowledge that the more traditional Resident Evil experience invariably meant more Resident Evil 4 than Resident Evil… any of the other games, really. Of course, this was yet another similarity between Resident Evil’s Beginning Hour Teaser and the ill-fated PT Demo. Both were little experiments in horror meant to tease a full game which wasn’t going to be the same thing. They were both intended as high-concept short unique experiences that would give way to probably third-person horror titles in the same vein as their predecessors.

No, from what I’ve read, and if you know me, then you know I will not have read a great deal, not wanting to experience someone else playing the game, or spoil what goes on for myself, I have as usual almost completely avoided the subject. It looks like the insane popularity of both PT Demo and Resident Evil Beginning Hour have made the RE devs actually just… pretty much make the teaser into a full game, which is quite frankly, what everyone wanted anyway. I most definitely include myself in this category.

Beginning Hour was a fantastic experience and I really do hope that the, I suppose, full game expands on even a fraction of that promise. Because Silent Hills won’t, because it’s cancelled. Maybe Death Stranding? We’ll see. I just wish RE7 wasn’t about hillbillies, but then RE has never strayed too far from overdone for a long time now. They keep making them though, which is of course more than you can say about Konami.

Of course what this actually makes me think about is how we’ve been doing with the channel. The temptation is to only concentrate on the new and now at the expense of the classic or the back catalog. To an extent it even works. There’s enough crazy levels of interest in something new and big like RE7 that even small channels can gain interest. Although as we discovered when we were doing Life is Strange, it won’t give you that much of a boost. But no, I think we’re happy to keep going with the back catalog of classics that we want to bring to the fore, and the classics that, because they aren’t flash-in-the-pan fresh new titles, earn us plenty of views just being there in the background as a constant trickle. We can always play RE7 much later when we have the time and have exhausted the older games and even some of the newer ones we haven’t yet played for the channel.

Or maybe the call of RE7 will get to me sooner rather than later.

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