Frequently Asked Questions

Your videos and podcasts are really good, how come you aren’t more popular?

Thank you, that’s great to hear! We try very hard to maintain a certain high level of quality in everything we do here, to have videos that look at least as good as the big websites, to have podcasts that are at least as interesting as the big ones.

Mostly it’s a combination of fierce independance, how long we’ve been doing it, and the way the videogame making and reporting industry works.

We aren’t a part of any larger organisation than the one you see in front of you right now. We aren’t on, Machinima, or any of the other big web-channels. We don’t have gimmicks, or act like members of /b/. We don’t spamvertise on other people’s channels and websites. We haven’t been going very long yet, and people are very fixed on where they get their gaming-related news, reviews, and commentary from. Combine that with our concentration on quality rather than quantity which means we don’t have new videos up constantly, our push towards building a demographic (we don’t pretend every game is good), and so on, and you can see the problem.

You can help, tell people who you’d think would like the channel, subscribe, link to us on your website. We want to get bigger, but the right way.

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