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With all three series of games we’re currently playing on YouTube, we can sort of see an ending in sight for all of them. We had a very productive super-session of recording at the beginning of the year and we generated enough material to last for a good long while so we could take a more relaxed approach, work on the website etc.

Some of that went better than other bits, but anyway. What we have realised is that means we will get through about six games a year in this format we have right now. We want to do more, but we’re not interested in doing more games to the standard that we have our LP stuff at. Instead, we’ll be taking a more relaxed approach to play more games and do games in only a very few longer parts. This also means that games which set the scene for other games in the same series can be done without doing those titles in the LP format letting us showcase the titles that really shine in the LP format, whilst also playing the games more suited to streaming as, well, streams. These streams can then be uploaded to the YouTube channel.

So yes, the news is that we’ll be streaming. Very soon. And we’ll likely be streaming Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain, which is perfect for streaming due to its length and so we can get the juicy Soul Reaver LP all the sooner.

Feel free to check us out on and follow, you can also see some stream testing there.

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