SOMA contains PS4 controller graphics in the PC version

Want to use your lovely PS4 controller on your PC version of SOMA?

People often don’t realise, but the PS4 controller is perfectly happy under Windows and works out of the box as a DirectInput controller requiring no drivers to work as a PC controller. Although sadly, the headset port and touchpad do nothing.

However, if you’re used to PS4 button mappings and placements then you’ll know how awkward it is to play a game with only XBox controller mappings available (this is pretty much every PC game with controller support), especially when it tells you to press ‘X’ which is of course in a different place on the PS4 pad, in fact it seems to shift about on pads quite a lot.

Luckily, SOMA actually contains all of the icons from the PS4 controller, right in SOMA/graphics/general/input. You can take the icons you like from the ps4 folder and copy them over the relevant x360 folder icons and when you start the game, you’ll get in-game prompts that have the right icon that matches the controller in your hand.


Now you can play SOMA on the PC with a PS4 controller and have it come up with the right icons.

However, there are several places on the title screen with the same. I’m sure all these could be found and perhaps even a plug-in made which will show all the right mappings, as they do seem to exist in the PC copy.

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